Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What is APL?

In 2000, when I was student teaching the Estherville Lincoln Central School District started APL Training. APL is a series of instructional strategies consisting of five basic strategies and then sixteen other skills that can be applied to the classroom. The five basic strategies were to be incorporated into every lesson in every classroom. These strategies provide a consistent approach to lesson design, lesson implementation, and classroom management in any classroom anywhere in our district. APL was developed by Dr. Jean T. Anastasio, David Perry & John Zalonis.

At ELC we wanted this training to provide a consistent format for every classroom in the district. This would in turn lower the level of concern for our students within the classroom. APL would also bring clearer communication and a stronger focus. The result would be that the teacher/student relationship would be a positive one.

While I use many of the concepts that APL has taught me, there are many that I would like to brush up on. Through my postings, I will explain the strategies and how they work! This "in-service" actually was worth it and is something that I will use forever. They are GREAT!

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